Assalamualaikum w.b. Breathing a sigh of concentration done slowly to meet the lung space, then hold your breath as long as possible, then exhale slowly to empty lungs, and so on. Breathing concentration used to unify or synchronize mind and heart when praying or dhikr. Breathing Dhikr concentration makes mind and heart (feeling) is more focused on the sentence that reads in the liver (selftalk). Many people who have failed to pray for her mind and did not focus on the sentence being read or spoken to pray. Allah does not accept the prayer being said by the people whose hearts and voices thoughts unfocused or inattentive.

Dhikr breathing concentration while reading sentences do devotions and prayer when the attract, hold and exhale. When the breath is generally readable sentences tahlil, beads, tahmid, seek forgiveness, or the most Beautiful hasbalah sentence. When the sentence is read breathless common dhikr or prayer taught by the Prophet, from the Qur'an or prayers arranged themselves according to the needs. When you exhale read a few sentences as follows:

1. "La ilaha illallahu wahdahu laasyariikalah lahuu mulku walahulhamdu, yuhyii wayumiitu wahuwa ala Kulli syai'inkodir .... There is no god but one God, no partner to Him, praise Him dominion, and to Him, He that turn on and off, and He is mighty over all something "
2. "Laa haula wala kuwwata billahil aliyyil adziim illa ...... no power and strength except with Allah's help"
3. Taqobbal minna du'a Aana yes arhamar rohiimin, kay nusabbihaka katsiro wanadzkuroka katsiro innaka Kunta bina bashiro ...... let our prayer, O merciful and compassionate, so we chaplet with as much to you, and for us to remember Thee with as much, Thou art great to see the state of our

Devotions and prayer that is read when holding breath
Some devotions and prayer is read when holding breath are as follows:
1. Ali Imran 160

If Allah helps you, then there are people who can beat you, and if God allows you (do not give help), then who the hell can help you (besides) of Allah after that? But let Allah alone the believers put their trust. (Ali Imran 160)
Description: It gives confidence that if God helped us, no one can beat us, but jikia God let us then there is no point asking besides Him, only He can free us from the difficulties. Just put their trust in Him is us and submit all matters. Mewiridkan verse can eliminate anxiety, fear, worry, and evoke a sense of optimism with the help of God that no one can beat us.
2. Al Israak 30

Verily your Lord enlarges the provision for whom He wills and narrow it: behold, He is All-Knowing, All-Seeing will of His servants. (Al Israak 30)
Description: It gives confidence that the God who paved and narrow the provision for whom you want, and give confidence that God is counting on us. Mewiridkan verse eliminates the anxiety and fear of poverty, bankruptcy and destitution, and evoke a sense of optimism and success in business success, and always feel that God is always attentive to our circumstances. It is better to pray this verse lacks the spaciousness beg sustenance from his side.
3. Huud 3

And be ye ask forgiveness of your Lord and repent to Him. (If you are, doing such), He will give a good pleasure (continuously) to you until the appointed time and He will give to each person who has primacy (reply) primacy. If they turn back, then surely I fear for you the torment of the Day of Judgment overwritten. (Huud 3)


Mewiridkan verse evokes the spirit to always seek forgiveness and beg forgiveness of God, and give confidence that God will give a good life and a variety of pleasures to come death, which he discharged. This verse also gives confidence that a lot of asking forgiveness, God willing, will be protected from the devastating nazab Day of Resurrection.
4. Al Israak 80

And say: "My God, I insert the correct entry and remove it (anyway) I'm a right out at me from the side and give you power to help. (Al Israak 80)
Description: When starting praying enough "Robbi adkhilni .... command word Qul .. do not read. With this prayer, God willing mewiridkan will always have good luck in his life. Entering into a good and out of good places as well and always got help and a way out of the problems faced.
5. Al Baqarah 286

Allah does not burden a person but according to his capacity. He got the reward (of virtue) are earned and he got the punishment (of the crime) was doing. (They prayed): "Our Lord, do not take us not if we forget or fall into error. Our Lord, do not you impose upon us a heavy burden as You impose on people before us. Our Lord, do not take pikulkan us what we could not bear. Give us apologize; forgive us, and we rahmatilah. You are our Helper, so help us against the infidels ".


Mewiridkan verse certainty that God does not impose on anyone but merely its ability. Benediction that being said will protect us from the wrath and vengeance of God due to our error and kekhilapan. Benediction also protects us from disasters, natural disasters or complex problem that we can not bear. Insha Allah with this supplication mewiridkan we preserved from disasters and difficulties very burdensome. If there is too it, God willing, God will get help immediately.

Effect on solemn prayer

Dhikr breathing exercises performed daily concentrations of positive impact for the implementation of fervent prayer. During exercise the minds and hearts are used to focus on the verse that reads, so in sholatpun it will become a habit, too. To train fervent prayer is worth reading as prayer prayer iftitah, iftirosh i'tidal, tasyahud also be read when held their breath in remembrance breathing exercises concentration.

By doing dhikr means breathing relaxation and concentration, we have carried out an appeal for dhikr while standing, sitting and lying down. The impact of the implementation of this dhikr we will feel in the world and the Hereafter. This activity also affects the stamina and endurance, insha Allah also speed up recovery from diseases that interfere. Dhikr respiratory activity is an investment for the life of this world and the hereafter. It's one way to get closer to God.

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