Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in French appalling Magazine

The figure is considered Muhammad appeared on the cover of the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Controversy film "Innocence of Muslims" who insulted the Prophet Muhammad was causing the heat in a number of countries, especially the Muslim majority. But a magazine in France even add hot atmosphere with figures showing the Prophet Muhammad in the form of cartoons.

Quoting the CNN page, magazine Charlie Hebdo publishes figures Prophet Muhammad, who instantly electrify the French. Even so, the director of the magazine, Stephane Charbonnier, told the magazine they just do forms of freedom of expression. "(We) do not flush benisn into flames," said Charbonnier. "Just to comment on the news in a satirical way," he continued.

Charbonnier also explain why the cartoon was aired. "That became news this week is that Muhammad and film. So we draw cartoons on the subject," he said. "It's like teasing portrayal in the film instead of insulting Muhammad," said Charbonnier.

Sure "crummy movie" referred Charbonnier is "Innocence of Muslims". The impact of the film itself is a protest that led to violence. Even the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, died as a victim of mass rioting, protesting the film.

While journalist Charlie Hebdo, Laurent Leger, said in the magazine cartoon shows Muslim men and Muslim extremists. But the cartoons did not mention explicitly that it was the Prophet Muhammad. According to him, the interpretation of the cartoon is open.

"The goal is to joke. Extremists We want to laugh, all extremists. They may be Muslims, Jews, Catholics. Everyone can be religious, but extremist thoughts and actions are unacceptable," said Leger.

Leger continued, France guarantees the freedom to write and draw. "And if some people are not happy with it, they can sue us and we will defend ourselves. Was democracy. You can not throw bombs, you can discuss, can debate. But you can not do violence. We must be firm and resist pressure from extremists, "said Leger.

New Provocation:

In response, the President of the Council of the Muslim Faith, Mohammed Maousoui, said the cartoon was a form of insult to the Prophet Muhammad. He also refers to it as "a new provocation".

The local police were already anticipating a bad thing to keep Charlie Hebdo office. Previously, the office of Charlie Hebdo have been attacked while showing the front page of the insult of Islamic law.

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said to be the basic principle of freedom of France. However, he warned there was a spirit of responsibility carried by each party.

Outside of France, the French also increased the number of security forces guarding the embassy. CNN also reported that France is ready to close embassies and schools in 20 countries. But it is not known which countries in question.

"I am against all provocation, especially in such a sensitive period. I do not see any benefit of such provocation," said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. "There should be freedom of speech, but I am against all forms of provocation," he said.

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