Corel : Creating Maps 3 D

Now I Share This tutorial Again About Corel: Creating Maps 3 D. In the invitation card, a map is an integral part. Sometimes printing companies offer it in a package, which includes invitations, thank you cards, location maps, plastic souvenirs, guest books, etc.

With this tutorial, will be made in 3-D map Corel X3, tools used include pen tool, text tool, Rectangle tool, while the facility is being used weld and add perspective.

The following steps - steps :

1. The first step should always be done before making a picture is a set area of ??the image, here is the size of 90 x 145 mm, make the box as a guideline.

2. Select the pen tool, create a flow path by clicking the first to determine the starting point and drag the mouse in the desired direction and click to specify the end point, where the first and second point there is a line that connects. To create a curved path: click drag mouse click hold and drag the mouse to create a curved.


3. If completed, select Edit> Select All (Ctr A) press F12 to set the property line, give the line thickness = 11 pt. Then select the menu Arrange> Convert to Curves (Ctrl + Q) to make the line into a curve. Adjust the Color Pallet color = black line, fill = yellow.

4. To unify the curve was select Dockers shaping or weld on the Main Menu select Arrange> Shaping> Weld.

5. Furthermore, the form had to be 3-D objects, how to activate the object, choose Effects> Add



6. Select the end of the handle, so the cursor will turn into a sign (+), click - hold - drag the handle to create perspective. Stop if we've got the shape we want.

7. Create text to name the road, keep it in the desired place.


8. To create an image of the building, use the Rectangle tool, create a rectangle object, give the color, change the square had become the 3D Extrude Interactive click, hold and drag the image click the line to form a 3D object, for more details, it is also related to (read: Easily Posts 3d with Coreldraw), adjust the perspective that we make.


9. In addition to a rectangular shape, can also form a triangle, polygon or pictures home.
The result is about - something like this Below :


My gratitude Together Because We Have Elaborate article Corel It That Way: Creating Maps 3 D. Good luck and Congratulations activity / Helpful For You

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