Creating Posts CLIP Effect

Coreldraw Tutorial This time we will try to create an effect of writing with the name Coreldraw clip effects.

Next step - his steps:

1. background for such a gray box.

2. tect for 'CLIP' with black arial font.


Start working :

1. create a closed curve, with the pen tool, then fill color or fill with black.


2. closed curves are colored black to white gradation interactive fill tool to tool. Drag as shown below.


3. we plan to use the effect of power clip to insert curves into the text 'CLIP'. But the results will come in the middle of the curve text as shown below:


 4. to change the order PowerClip not automatically in the text (container). Klikmenu tools => options: workspace: edit. Turn off auto-check list PowerClip centents new center.


5. PowerClip now ready, turn the curve, and then click the effect => PowerClip => place inside a container, click the text 'CLIP'.


6. By way as before you certainly can make black gradation putihUntuk text 'CLIP' so it appears as follows.


7. To better feel the difference with the background, create a white outline on text'CLIP 'following sebaggai.



8. In order to feel again the difference with the background, create a shadow padaText 'CLIP' with interactive drop shadow tool.

9. Drag text from the middle down diagonally as follows.



thanks this tutorial I Make Posts CLIP Effect luck and congratulations activities.

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