Grandmother Raped 73 Year in New York State

In 2011, two similar incidents occurred in the same

Unfortunately the fate of 73-year-old grandmother in New York, United States. When the recreation center during the day on Wednesday, he assaulted battered and raped by a lecherous man who is now a fugitive.

CNN reported, Thursday, September 13, 2012, when the incident occurred, an unnamed grandmother is being relaxed to see the birds at Strawberry Field, near Central Park West. Suddenly a man came over. Was involved in fighting snout, the man then attacked and raped the old woman in broad daylight.

In addition, these savage men also robbed the bag her grandmother. A hiker, Eric Ozawa, finding grandmother lying in the bushes. He was then rushed to hospital. His face was badly bruised and broken fingers.

"Her face was badly beaten. His left eye was bruised, swollen forehead. She said that she had been raped," said Ozawa. The police managed to arrest the perpetrators.

According to police, the man was attacked and raped by grandma's memotonya while masturbating in the middle of the woods at the beginning of September. The man was angry because the grandmother refused to delete the photo.

Victims describe the perpetrator was a white male with a European accent. ABC News revealed that actor named David Albert Mitchell and 42-year-old.

This is the first incident of sexual assault that occurred in Central Park this year. Earlier in 2011, two similar incidents occurred in the same place.

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