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Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. whether it's because of our busy work or other busyness that there may be some of us were negligent in performing the prayer, or prayer time in living and may not have received guidance from God that we are negligent in carrying prayers and this article
that in my opinion, maybe it can be made as Muslims motivation to strive to be more enterprising and determined to lead worship and always hope to God he may give guidance to all of us.  

 AminAkibat Muslims leave the prayer:

when the residents of Hell proclaim, Allah berfiman:

What are you into hell enter saqar? They replied," we were not including the people who run the prayers, and we do not feed the poor, and we used to belie the Day of Recompense. (Q.S. al-muddatstsir [74] :42-45).

Ahmad narrated, "(boundary) between a person and kufr is the prayer.

Ubadah ibn al-Samit r.a. say 'My love (Muhammad SAW) with four intestate me. among them, the first, Belau said, do you associating partners with Allah is the one you are in any even beheaded, or burned. The second, he said, do not leave your prayer is on purpose. Whoever intentionally leave them, he has come out of this religion. Third, he said, do not you work on a sin because it is the wrath of God. Fourth, he said, do not you drink alcohol / wine, because she is the mother of all sins.

Al-Thabrani talk that, no keimannan for people who are not trustworthy. no prayer for those who are not performing ablution, no religion for those who do not pray, pray in a real position of religion as psisi head on the body.

Ibn Majah and Al-Bayhaqi narrated from Abu al-Darda ra: ekasihku (Muhammad SAW) will saying to me, do whatever walauun associating God with you in pieces, and burned, do not abandon the obligatory prayer intentionally, he who leave them, he means detaches itself from the assurance of God. Do not drink alcohol / wine because she was the key to all evil.

In al-mutabi'at there is a tradition reported al-Thabrani: "a man came to the Prophet Rasullulah., He said, O Messenger of Allah. Beritaukanlah me a practice that if I instill me in heaven ', he said, do not associating partners with Allah anything even if you tortured, burned and cut, obey your parents even if they take treasure and something yours.
Do not leave the prayer deliberately, for whoever intentionally ang leave, he had to break away from the assurance of God.

In a history that bersanad good, but there is a broken transmission, stated,
jangnlah you associating God with anything even though you killed, do not you hurt your parents even if they tell you to leave your family and your wealth, not your Obligatory Prayer Leaving on purpose, because anyone meniggalkan sengja prayer, he had out dar assurance of God, do not You drink alcohol, because it is the mother of all mksiat or ugliness, berhat careful you tehadap immorality, because immorality causes wrath, beware you, do not run away from psukan although people have perished, then behave Be firm and give your family a living from the yourselves, do not raise your stick to them as kespoanan. remind them to fear Allah. 

Ayyub said, "leave the prayer means kufr. Was no difference of opinion in that regard.
Allah Almighty says:

And there came after them, substitute (the ugly) who wasted prayers and memperturutkanhawa lust. then they will eventually meet astray (Surah Maryam (19): (59).

On the above verse, Ibn Mas'ud said: meaning adha'uha not leave a whole, but mengakhirkan of time. "
while sa'ib bin Musayyab say: that is not got time higga noon prayer asr, not afternoon prayers until dusk arrived, not until it is time for the evening prayers of Isha, Isha is not to arrive at dawn, and dawn prayer until sunrise eyes today . then he who dies, while he was still doing it and do not repent, God promises him baghy, a steep ravine and hard siksaanya in hell bastard.

Allah Almighty says:

O ye who believe, do not treasure-your wealth and your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. any person who makes such, they are the ones who lose "(Surah al-Munafiqun [63]:( 9)

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