Energy Generating divine with Fasting

As-salam-muaalaikum-warah-matullah-hi-wabarakatuh. Fasting is a momentum all of us to appreciate the nature of the conservation of energy. That no ruling with absolute power but Allah. His heart testify that the power of God covers everything there is including himself. Eternity is noticeably FASTING WHEN WE DO NOT EAT AND DRINK, THEN abstinence KUN FAYAKUN THAT IS, THE DIVINE ENERGY INCREDIBLE GREAT WILL FLOW IN OURSELVES. With conditions, our fasting is fasting right.

Ramadan Fasting on average consists of 30 days can be divided into three momentum. First 10 days, 10 days and 10 days the second third. In the first 10 days we are correct in terms ERROR OBJECTIVE about eating and drinking. We are actually not as strong energy from food and drink and the truth is we are strong and fresh as HAULA WA LA LA LAH-BIL QUWWATA ILA. The nature of the energy derived from food and drinks are really just energy that could have happened to perkenaan HIS alone.

When fasting, our body feels helpless exhaustion gone. But really feel it when it appears precisely divine energy within. Just like when danger threatens, suddenly emerging force energy ... That's not unexpected divine energy that comes out when we surrender completely. Without total surrender, willingly or nrimo we will never be visited by divine energy. So when fasting anyway, usually the best time to do the transmitting divine energy as others pray for healing, sustenance and so smooth.

And indeed divine energy that is stored in the form of book-HIS kauniah verses that unfolded in this universe. Live now if we can unlock it or not? INNA QUWWATIH, NAKABAN Natah KITABAN Natah .. WA INNAMA AMRUHU IDZA ARODA SYAI'AN FAYAKUN KUN AN YAQULA Lahu.

In the second 10 days of the day of the eleventh to the twentieth day of the month of Ramadan, we corrected misconceptions about the disposal of power. Is that we do not waste energy but precisely back to NAFSIN WAHIDATIN. Alastu birabbikum, kalu bala syahidna (Sura 7:172) that promise Gusti servant.

And the peak occurs at 10 the third day is the day of the twenty-one to finish the month of Ramadan is the time of the Lailatul Qadr. That teraksesnya DIVINE ENERGY by our spiritual consciousness as 1000 light energy into a single month in the momentum and their certainty that the 82-year Furqoni energy ILAHA ILAL LA-LAH.

Allah Almighty bestow on the human energy with the energy that he has it he has little power to try and do. But keep in mind that the power and the effort is certainly only a "loan" that would "return" to the Which Has Power.

Explore the meaning of LA HAULA WA LA QUWWATA illa Billah (There is no power and effort but with the help of God) in him. This phrase contains the secret of monotheism that God Has All the energy in the universe. There was no one inside except the energy conservation of energy-HIS.

We eat and drink to look for a source of energy. Power source of food and beverages we consume actually comes from plants, plants and animals. They get energy from other food chains and so on until eventually lead to a source of energy that does not come from other energy sources, the Divine Energy.

They are drowning in a sea of ??witnessing wahdah (unitary nature of God) would appreciate that humans and all of nature is never apart than the power of God. So, he felt compelled to devote himself and choose to obey Him.

Not easy to find this secret formula. We can theorize, but generally not to the actual understanding. The eyes, ears and hearts are veiled and the nature of the law of conservation of energy has not been able to Allah we find. We still think that that played a role in the benefits and reject kemudaratan is herself and the creatures around him.

We were veiled by the negligent acts of God (af'aal) by sentient creatures (infi'al) that failed to live up to the meaning of all sentient beings actually. We are veiled in a cocoon of causal laws that can not appreciate the concept of qudrat (power), will of god and science of God.


What he carried was what was demanded by God. They do not need to worry about the results because there is certainty on him. However, when knowing that only God Almighty Reign in this life, so he will not laze around and instead will "try" as hard as possible in accordance with its capabilities.

God commissioned us to strive in order to fulfill the task of self-servitude. Business that we do in fact have been commanded by God, and this we do in order to improve worship. We strictly prohibited so lazy! Because our duty is to carry out a special worship (confession, prayer, zakat, fasting, etc.) and public services (search for sustenance, charitable benevolence for the welfare of all living beings, preserve the environment and so on).

Eternal Divine Energy

There is one phenomenon that when we think we are going to call ALLAHU AKBAR .. strange but true .. is about light. In the Surah An Nur 35 explains: "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. Parable of His Light is like Misykat. Misykat there in the lamp. Pelita was in the glass. Glass is like a sparkling star. Lit with oil blessed tree . olive tree that is not in the east or in the west. Which oil is barely lit by itself though no fire touched it. Glow in the Light! God guides to His light, whoever he wants. Allah make parables for mankind. Indeed Allah knows everything. "

Why does Allah SWT identifying himself with the Supreme Light Light parable? The answer is that the light is never running out of energy.

There is an assumption while the scientists in Einstein's theory that light will lose energy when leaving the gravitational field with the color shifts toward red with a longer wavelength. The meaning is not lost in the sense that energy is completely gone, but its energy is reduced by transferring its energy into another form.

Light when leaving gravity (leaving ground) will dibelokan and decompose because of differences in air pressure, such as light when passed in a prism. Here there is no energy loss.

In physics, light or electromagnetic waves are a particular wavelength emitted from a source with a stronger gravity, which radiates towards areas with lower gravity. Observers will see that the wavelength of the receipt will be greater (lower frequency, lower energy), it is a phenomenon known as gravitational redshift.

But do not rush to say that light loses energy. For things like this (in order of light) we must use the law of relativity, and can not use classical physics.

This phenomenon is similar to when there are two people, one living on earth and the other on a plane at speeds approaching that of light. Both men were measuring the length of a stationary object on earth, visible results are going to show that they are different measurements. This can not be understood by classical physics but can be understood using the laws of relativity.

In the gravitational redshift no energy is lost, there is only a difference due to different observation points, the difference should be seen in the relativistic (using the laws of relativity) so nothing is lost and there is nothing strange.

The law of relativity never said that we can retreat into the past, it just happens to be fiction. But according to the laws of relativity that time it could be delayed depending on the position of the observer. Phenomenon can be observed that when one photon of sunlight moving towards the earth, time is relative to the photons.

Still in physics that all matter (whatever that kind) can not move with the speed of more than 3 x 10 ^ 8 m / s (speed of light). Maybe it was limited by the created universe. If there are particles that are able to move at speeds faster than light relativity equation becomes undefined. If we get on a plane with a speed of 0.75 C relative to the earth, then we fired bullets in the same direction with a speed of 0.75 C plane relative to the plane, the speed of a bullet to the earth not to 1.5 C.

Perhaps that is why, Allah SWT make an example of him to the Supreme Light Light Light. For HIS never run out of energy anywhere and to any time. Divine energy as reflected in the energy within the laws of physics, would be eternal of all time and we will be able to get it whenever we want original intentions and willingness. Let us proceed together toward perfection. Happy Ramadan fasting.

That's all you can hope Acknowledgements glory with the Most

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