Metaphysics is a scientifical explanation of the verses of Al-Quran and Al-Hadist

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I met again with Saber Works Create Incidentally Once Want To Know You Metaphysics is a scientifical explanation of the verses of Metaphysics is a scientifical explanation of the verses of Metaphysics is a scientifical explanation of the verses of Al-Qur’an And Al-Hadist. Now directly Only We Listen To Core Articles And Related Site That Has Written Beruikut Under It. Metaphysics is a scientifical explanation of the verses of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith, which include researching smooth-smooth with an inexact one thing that is most valuable method established shalatul khasiin (yg solemn prayer) 

Meta literally means beyond or more comprehensive. So the science of metaphysics is the science of physics prepotent. Different from understanding the science of metaphysics in the repertoire of western science, the science of metaphysics that we are referring to here is the physics that continue or be increased so that the entry into the science bilghoibi (unseen or spiritual). With the science of metaphysics will reveal what it is religion. Truths and mysteries of religion have been considered a mysterious, mystical, ethereal, and so would be real, real, and can be explained scientifically. It is similar to the chemical events that used to be mysterious, shaman, magician, to scare, etc., with the chemistry to be real, real, and can be explained scientifically.

With the science of metaphysics is clear that religion does not consist of laws that real as well as the natural universe that consists of nothing but the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. Only dignity and dimension laws and religion higher absolute and perfect.

With the explanation that it is reasonable and scientific teachings of religion can be explained logically that faith increases to ilmul-confident, so to aynul-confident, and ultimately Hakk ul-confident. Without a logical explanation that the religious teachings into dogma. Without a logical explanation that religion is lived just swallow without intent and purpose
Strong faith that can counteract the attacks atheism. Thus, the scientific metaphysics is we can appreciate how people without faith it is impossible believe in a God. "Religion, believe in God has proved to be the greatest blessing ever Existed for mankind and humanity in this life and the Hereafter" (Yahya 1981).

In the physical sciences, physics scholars who study and conduct scientific research on the universe by following the rules of the pillars and conditions and follow the right method has gained the fruit that we can call "reward". As research in the field of electronics has resulted in a reward of mercy of electronic tools and the ease and comfort of human life today.

Similarly, if the research and experimentation continued and enhanced to the nature of metaphysics, by following the pillars and conditions as well as the proper method can also be picked from the side of God's metaphysical energy that can produce grace and reward in the form of crushing all natural energy metaphysics of vanity and negative. Similarly, reward and mercy energy cosmic metaphysics can also destroy leburkan natural laws in physics that lower dimension. "A higher dimension command a lower dimension". For example, the efficacy of natural energy which is channeled by the metaphysics of Moses as defeating nature of physics by splitting the Red Sea to allow his people to cross when pursued by Pharaoh's army.

Merit and grace of the natural metaphysics may also be the builder and natural guardian of physics or metaphysics. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. example by Divine energy can transform Arab society from nature to nature Adabiyah ignorance. By the same principle, all natural disasters, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. can also be defeated or avoided by the metaphysics of natural energy, such as in the hadith of Muslim imams following history: "Laa laa taquumus saa'tu hattaa yabqa'alaa wajhil ardhi mayyaquulu, Allah, Allah ", which means" end of the world will not come unless there are no more people calling, Allah, Allah ".

Then, as well as the physical sciences who have a place in explaining the greatness of God's words in this universe as the science of metaphysics to explain the greatness of God's words in the supernatural, the science of Islamic law have a place also in determining the laws of worship according to the Koran and Al-Hadith, Islamic metaphysics as science does not bother about the contested goods sezarahpun and ways of worship. Science only Islamic metaphysics is the scientific explanation of the verses of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith to find a method that solemn prayers and remembering Allah berkekalan where and whenever.

Prayer is the pillar of religion and the first checked later. God S.W.T. did not back down even a single speck of dose that prayer is a prayer Received solemn, seperyti his word in :107:4 QS-5: "Fawaylul lilmu shalliinalladziina hum'an shalaatihim saahun" which means, "So woe to those who pray (that) those who neglectful in prayer ". Thus achieving shalatul khaasi'in case is a matter of "to-be or not-to-be".

As the all-important thing and the all-essential, of course, the methods how to enforce pray fervently that there is contained in the Qur'an. However, it is located in the deepest layer of the Al-Quran, because its value is that it is very high. As well as the most precious pearls and shells stored in the reply was in the mud at the bottom of the sea behind the most deeply. Only with the knowledge of Islam and science of metaphysics tasauf exact method is shalatul khasiin can be expressed through the noble verses of the Qur'an.
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