War of the End Times would arrive Something certainty, for Keandamai Earth

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I see again the work of Saber Incidentally Once Make Your Period End War a certainty that will come, for the sake of peace on Earth. Well now directly Only We Listen To Core Articles And Related Site That Has Written Beruikut.

Books PAZ (War of the End Times) is one of the few books that will electrify the world of Islam and the public in these countries clumps Malay realm today. Because this book will expand and expose most of mankind taqdir Divine will of Allah. To the world. The goal of human order would be alert to immediately save the faith and their most valuable possession, namely their lives.

This book will reveal the events of the end time of the most thrilling, War of the End Times, that the time is going to be here soon. And part is over, the World War 1 and 2., Then Iraq war with the Crusaders AS.yang State has passed a decade ago. This war also means is signaled the arrival of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi awaited by believers. It's coming very close, it could be the decade of Hijri now (1430H-1440H), Insha Allah. This is not prophecy, but ilmiyyah predict, based on cues from Al-Qur `anul Karim, hadiths the Prophet saw Thabit, atsar friends, ancient manuscripts and secret news of the New World Order and the Pentagon leaked . Everything is a warning and a mercy for the believers who are still alive today.

According to Khabar Prophet valid then the pious priest's (Muhammad bin Abdullah) would be combat tyranny countries in the Arabian Peninsula, who states that at this time?!; She will also fight Parsia, whose country is current; Leader of the end times will also be fighting the Romans as a tremendous war, the greatest and most monumental; A war that will determine the existence of the Islamic Ummah at the time. Will it be destroyed for ever or will bengkit and win. And then Al-Mahdi will wage war on Constantine, along with the Mujahideen, who Constantine in the present? He will also fight against Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal leader of the New World Order. Who's new World Order?...

PAZ book will also reveal whether the shooting stars are often mentioned by the Prophet peace be upon him, his friend and the ancient manuscripts are in the form of Planet X / nemesis (Death planet) that have been predicted by scientists ilmiyyah honest this century will pass / pound the earth in december 2012??!. This book will also expose evil Vaccines, Codex and other crimes of the New World Order. This book will reveal the plan of the satanic New World Order to plunge the world in World War III.Apakah disaster of World War 3 will happen??!! PAZ book will also reveal destruction of the Jewish State nubuwatnya United States has been in the Gospel and ancient manuscripts. The book will reveal the secrets of the storm Solar Blast for mankind on earth in 2012, which would threaten the death of 2/3 of the population of the earth, whether it is Solar Blast? I book will also reveal that the life of this world will return to a bygone era, a thousand years ago. Technology and enjoyment of life are so advanced it will be destroyed by the Creator, Allah, If it happens then What is this!...

The book War of the End Times will reveal the good news of the coming of the golden age of Islam (Khilafah ala Minhaji nubuwwah) dinubuwatkan already 1400 years ago) and will destroy kingdoms and the entrenched tyranny in the world today. And you know, O Muslims that the Mujahideen of Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, and the Moro Mujahideen exists today and is touted as the real terrorist is the force that would become the main force and enforcement pillars and the banner of Al-mahdi and army-style caliphate minhaji nubuwwah and gold in the future of civilization. Then you must know the truth of these statements we make. You should get to know individuals who are redolent of the fighters and Da `I century, including the most famous of them, Sheikh Osama bin Laden. You must be a part of them.And you also have to know a good dream of Shaykh Osama bin Laden-vol-at the age of 9 years. Must!!! To be more sure that they are not real terrorists, but the real terrorists are the New World Order, the United States and its allies.

How Aqeedah of Tawheed which is owned by the Imam Mahdi and the Mujahideen in the future so that they can conquer the whole prickly disbelief, polytheism, hypocrisy, bid `ah and taghut tyranny and immorality on earth!.. So look for answers to the big questions is by having PAZ book, or attend book launching and surgical joint authorship. This is the book the hottest and most hot on earth now and no more books similar to it after this, this-book-we humbly dedicate the most monumental work of Hanif-Cicero, this is the book Exclusive Books, The Islamic Hand book For mapping The Global Future. What Ever! Insha Allah! .. That's all I'm Happy Just Acknowledgements activity Hopefully Helpful. For Us All

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